Our training sessions are designed to give you confidence on how to manage issues effectively in the workplace. We understand that you don’t have the time to keep up to speed with the ever-changing legislation or to worry about making the wrong decisions or falling foul of process.

The sessions are interactive giving you the ability to use what you have learnt, in the workplace.

Get Up, Get Trained, Get to Work!

Our individual training sessions are £85 plus VAT per session and run from 7:30am-9am (other times available on request).

Proactive members receive a 10% discount.

Don’t be Afraid to Dismiss

Avoidance tactics make matters far more complicated. This session will help you to understand the circumstances in which you can act and if appropriate dismiss. It will remind you that setting standards and according to them increases productivity in addition to employee engagement.

We’ll look at:

– Using probationary periods;

– How to deal with dismissals in the first two years;

– How to conduct a robust and fair disciplinary process;

– Decision making;

– The appeal process; and

– Demystifying the myths surrounding dismissals.

Recruiting and Retaining Talent

Your employees can be your greatest asset but do you know what really drives them? This session will help you to get the most out of your staff, assist in retention of key staff and ensure that you are an employer of choice.

We’ll look at:

– How to attract the right employees;

– The culture within the workplace and the importance of that on morale and productivity;

– What your employees really want;

– The little things;

– Probationary periods;

– The value of the 1-1, appraisal and coffee catch ups;

– Reward and recognition; and

– Risk alerts.

Equal Opportunities

Do your staff know what is and is not acceptable? Do the intercompany jokes go beyond banter and into the offensive? Do you want to be able to defend discrimination complaints?

You’ll come away from this session with:

– An equal opportunities policy;

– An understanding of the types of behaviour within the workplace that could amount to discrimination, harassment or victimisation;

– An understanding on what amounts to banter and what goes beyond;

– Knowledge of how to set the right tone within the workplace without removing the fun factor;

– How to ensure equal treatment within the workplace; and

– Confidence on how to manage any concerns raised.

Turning Sickness Absence into Employee Wellbeing

This session will help you to tackle one of the most costly, counterproductive and time consuming issues that you face with your staff.

You’ll come away with:

– A sickness absence policy;

– An understanding and knowledge of how to implement and manage that policy;

– Solutions to tackle sickness absence;

– A plan of how to reduce the sickness levels within your business;

– Tips and tools for how to deal with short term absences;

– Support for dealing with long term absence; and

– An understanding of fit for work and occupational health and how they can assist with sickness absence.


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