What does the case mean for you?

The gig economy cases have been hitting the headlines for some time now and the Supreme Court Judgment handed down on 13 June 2018 has left many companies in a state of uncertainty.

This judgment offers an expanded interpretation on worker status and as a result, in addition to control, personal performance and mutuality of obligation there are other factors that have been identified as leaning towards the status of worker or employee.

They include;

  • The right to substitute (but not an unfettered right)
  • Referring to or using a disciplinary process
  • Requirement to notify absence in a certain manner
  • Carrying company business cards
  • References to booking annual leave
  • Wearing company uniform
  • Carrying company branded equipment
  • References within any written agreement to employment or terms and conditions
  • Having normal working hours

What do you need to do now?

Now is the time to audit your employment arrangements to determine the levels of risk associated with the status of your staff. To help you with this, we have prepared an audit tool for you.

To receive a free copy of the audit tool please contact us.

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